What is We Thrive Events?

What is We Thrive Events?


What is We Thrive Events?

When I think of strength, I think of the women I call friends and family. I think of my paternal grandmother that took care of her ailing husband and raised 7 kids on her own. She didn’t have a formal education but she found work to feed her family and gave them the confidence to look for a better life in different countries. I think about my mother that left England for Canada at the age of 18 for opportunities for herself and managed to create a life and start a family without any support. I think of the women I turn to for advice about relationship or career choices. I have weekly discussions with a group of women online that range from the best movies to watch on Netflix to heated debates about politics here and south of the border and my life is richer because of these relationships. I depend on the women in my life for humour, levity and support. I think that the support women provide for each other is invaluable. We Thrive Events was built on the concept that women can help each other in ways that go beyond shared biology.

We are friends and partners.
We are mentors and protégés.
We are supporters and benefactors.

This community is about sharing resources that will help each other grow. This is about creating an online community for women that want to grow their events but needs the support of other women that have shared experiences. We are providing a space for networking and mentoring as well as building connections.
When women come together we thrive.

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