The Need for Speed: Women’s Speed-Coaching Events

The Need for Speed: Women’s Speed-Coaching Events

Lately, there’s been a need for speed – coaching, that is. These days, everyone is busy and time is a resource no one can afford to waste, even when it comes to networking and finding women coaches. We need to maximize the free time that we have. Like money, we have to make sure we invest our time wisely. And if we can get a good return on our investment, all the better.

Many of us are looking to embark on a journey of development to make ourselves the best we can be, and that can involve a woman coach. For some of us, that may be improving our health or setting goals for getting into better shape. For others, that may mean taking our careers to new heights or in a different direction. For still others, that may mean improving our confidence or personal presentation skills, or achieving more fulfilling relationships. No matter what our goals are or where we are in our personal development, having a woman life coach can be invaluable to attaining success by any definition.

Some of us may be living below our potential not because we lack the desire or drive to get there, but because we need help figuring out what to do. That’s where a coach comes in.

What is a coach?

A single, agreed-upon definition of coaching is difficult to pin down, but the International Coaching Federation’s definition captures it pretty well: “[P]artnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

No one who achieves success does it alone. Just as athletes have enlisted the help of coaches to train them win championships for decades, people are finding that having coaches in other areas of their lives can help prepare them to reach their goals. And for women, having a woman coach can be especially helpful.
A coach can be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals, providing an objective perspective in giving you direction and showing you how to get to where you’d like to be.While there is no quick fix to improving your life, there is a fast way to find a coach: speed coaching.

What is Speed Coaching?

You may have heard about speed dating, which started in the ’90s; speed coaching is a similar concept. Simply put, people talk to coaches for a few minutes to get a feel for the person and how she works. Ideally, the coach and prospective client will feel that they have a good connection, and will continue contact to work together. The length of the sessions can vary, but the goal is that each participant will find the coach that best works for her, and vice versa. Like any good relationship, having a good connection to start with is key.

Even within that framework, speed coaching can take different forms, from the more conventional to the unusual.
Speed-coaching sessions can look like this: you walk into a room at a conference centre or hotel and see a roomful of individuals interacting with others or listening as a group in a professional setting. This was what you would have found at venues where SCORE and American Express OPEN organized a small-business speed coaching tour in 2009, in which they visited a number of US cities and conducted 30-minute sessions with business counselors and workshops for small-business owners.

Or they can look like this: walking down the street, you see people seated on the sidewalk, waiting to answer questions and tackle problems. That’s been the scene in cities in the UK that have been the site of coaching flash mobs, events where volunteer coaches called the Our Peoples’ Coach Street Team give free, spontaneous speed-coaching sessions to ordinary people on the street. Organized by Shivani Mair, a professional woman coach and founder of Creative by Nature Ltd., these sessions last just 10 minutes, and, according to the company’s website, the coaches have helped more than 2,300 people since the coaching flash mobs started in 2012.
Closer to home, for those who may be looking specifically for women coaches, there are women-only speed coaching events in Toronto organized by We Thrive Events, a networking and event-marketing business run by Canadian women.
We Thrive Events’ Speed-Coaching events are popular sessions in which women coaches specializing in various areas have the opportunity to speak directly with prospective clients looking for assistance in those areas. A client can speak for a few minutes, for free, with different women coaches and see which connection would be the best fit.

Despite the word “coach,” We Thrive Events’ Speed-coaching Event is more than coaching sessions. Women entrepreneurs and other Canadian professional women can network and meet women who may provide information on other topics women find interesting, and can also find a formal or informal woman mentor.

What Women’s Speed Coaching Events Can Do for You?

We Thrive Events aims to benefit both Canadian women clients and the Canadian women coaches who wish to help. For clients, We Thrive Events provides a platform, through its website and its popular speed-coaching sessions, to find and meet Canadian women coaches in all different arenas who can help them meet their goals. At these sessions, women can network with other women and, in addition to connecting with women coaches, may also find women mentors who can provide guidance in other areas.

For women coaches, We Thrive Events provides an avenue for generating leads — and you can never have enough leads. Women coaches can meet prospective clients in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere and get exposure for their businesses in a no-pressure environment. The coaching events give women coaches a chance to explain and market their services with a personal touch, and expand their client list. The events are also an opportunity for women coaches to network, talk shop, learn and possibly find women mentors as well.

Speed coaching is catching on. The last few speed coaching sessions presented by We Thrive Events were successes and enjoyed by everyone who attended. Prospective clients, women coaches and women entrepreneurs who were just curious or wanted to take advantage of the chance to meet other professional women found it inspirational to be around individuals who were engaged with personal development. As one participant put it, “It was motivating to be in the room with people who are focused on their goals.”

Others made connections that went beyond their expectations. “I didn’t think I was going to meet someone who could help me but [she] was great and I am excited to hear from her,” said a prospective client. “She got back to me the next day and I have hired her as my coach! Thank you for the introduction,” said another participant. One participant simply summed it up as “An amazing event.”

What Should I Ask a Woman Coach?

Have you ever wondered why you would need a woman coach? While all women coaches differ and the methods and approaches they take can be as varied as the coaches themselves, at the most basic level, they do have a few things in common. Women coaches — like all coaches — offer guidance in zeroing in on what you want to work on, specifying goals to achieve the outcome you want and coming up with strategies on how to get there. They’re there to help you realize your best life. A good start for you to make in determining if you could use a woman coach is to ask yourself, What do I need help with? What do I see when I look at my life? (i.e., Am I happy with my life as it is?) In what areas would I like to changes?

Is your curiosity piqued? If you’ve ever thought about working with a woman coach, are curious about attending speed-coaching events and wonder what you should talk about with a prospective woman coach, consider the following questions: How can you help me with X area (e.g. health, career, relationship)? I’m not sure of what to do — can you help me figure it out? How would you approach this goal/challenge? What steps should I take? And, if you can’t think of anything else, a simple “Tell me about how you work” can be just as effective.

For anyone wanting to make improvements in her life, speed coaching is a wonderful way to test the waters and see how a woman coach can help, without having to invest a lot of time. For women coaches, speed coaching provides exposure, generates leads and can help promote the coaching industry. As a coach, you can also help to educate women in the many facets of coaching that are available and how it can positively impact just about every area of life.

Author: Yvette Trancoso-Barrett

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