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Build Unshakeable Confidence & Courage To Get BIG Results In Your Business

April 25, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm The Workaround $22.60

What would you do if you had 10X the courage?

  • Would it change the way you show up in your business?
  • Would it change the way you speak about your business?
  • Would it change the results you are getting?
One of the biggest things every entrepreneur needs to succeed is positive momentum in the direction of their goals.
But what happens when you come up against resistance? When something is hard? When doubt creeps in? When things inevitably don’t go your way?
If you haven’t mastered your mindset setbacks can…
  • break your positive momentum
  • slow you down and
  • create higher levels of stress, anxiety and fear.
These are all courage killers. 
And no one has time for those!
In this powerful presentation you’ll learn the fundamentals of how to discover what story is driving you and how to turn it into an empowering one that will allow you to keep moving forward even in the face of resistance.
You’ll discover…
  • how working harder works against you
  • how to identify what is keeping you stuck (and how to turn it around)
  • what the most common mental blocks are for entrepreneurs specifically and how to move past them!
You’ll learn how to get out of your own way and into momentum so you can reach your business goals with confidence, courage and clarity.
Change the trajectory of your business results by learning how to cultivate more courage within yourself so that you’ll take the action necessary to get the BIG results you REALLY want!
This is a live and interactive talk that will leave you feeling clear, excited and empowered!

Client Experiences With Jennifer

“What was different about working with Jennifer was her confidence. I loved Jennifer’s absolute confidence in my abilities. She never, ever made me feel inadequate or silly for asking a question.  I appreciated time to work through some of the blocks, do some work on my own but have Jennifer to talk through it with and help challenge exactly what was blocking me, holding me back or causing fear in the moment.I got a coach who offered suggestions, modelled what she taught, and truly cared for me. So much so, that my first question during our last call in our program was “how can we keep working together?”

– Erin Bouchard, Onwer, Once Upon A Time Weddings & Retail Business Coach

“My business now feels like it’s just an extension of me. It doesn’t even feel like it’s necessarily a business. It’s just a joy. If I hadn’t joined Jennifer’s program, I don’t think there would have been many clients and I think it would have given up and gone back to my job. I feel like Jennifer works at a deeper level than being an entrepreneur and starting a business. I feel like she did more work with me and who I am and finding that and then bringing that to the business that I want it to be.”

– Megan Conway, Head Designer at Crave Your Home

“I’ve grown my audience, quadrupled my email list, I have several new clients and I’m now being interviewed on podcasts. Even though it really was only a number of months that we worked together, things drastically changed for me by working with Jennifer.

Through the work that we did together, now in my business, I have built a momentum, not only with what I had been doing to put myself out there, but also in my mindset. Jennifer has amazing insight into people and ideas that just flow from her mind as we’re talking together about how I can move my business forward.”

– Leslie McDaniel, Coach For INFJ Women


Jennifer Trask


The Workaround
2080 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4C 1J9 Canada
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(647) 696-7525


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