Digital Content Writers


Yvette Trancoso-Barret

Yvette Trancoso-Barret is a writer and editor who lives in Whitby, Ontario.

She’s a wife, a mom and an enthusiast of all things inspirational. She enjoys creative writing, reading and the occasional libation.

Yvette dreams of one day relocating to Costa Rica and working to the sound of rolling ocean waves.


Nicole Curling

Nicole Curling has more than 15 years of experience working in Communications in both the profit and non profit world.

With a background in media she has worked for companies such as MTV, TV Guide, and Random House Publishing and the Canadian Cancer Foundation.

Nicole presently lives in Toronto with her husband and two children.


Nicole Facey

Nicole Facey is We Thrive Events’ Social Media Director. She has 15 years of experience in film, television and radio.

She has devoted the last 3 years of her career fine tuning her digital communication skills by earning certifications in social media as well as freelancing as a Social Media Strategist for small businesses. Nicole specializes in helping entrepreneurs expand their social media presence. It’s her job to turn your analog business into a digital success.

She believes that the future is social so she keeps up with the latest digital trends by spending an embarrassing amount of time on the internet.